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Firmware Satellite Receiver

Posted by Toni on 28th July and posted in Uncategorized

Software, cut, and the jargon – the software, satellite receivers – is like a motor car. Without software your receiver, simply just will not perform its functions. From time to time manufacturers or receivers just craftsmen activists make new versions of the software is. Know the version of software for your receiver, with which he works at this time, we can easily in the menu system, and what versions of software exist in nature to your receiver – in Internet. Upon learning of the existence of a new software version, you can install it on your receiver.

Upgrade the software receiver can be, and sometimes even necessary. Here's why: 1. The new software is designed to prevent problems and bugs found 2. With the new version of the software, your receiver is, finally, can 'talk' in Russian! 3. With the new version of software, you can see the satellites, which did not exist 4. The receiver may discover new useful properties, such as, for example, Teletext 5. It may just change for the better appearance of the menu, colors, etc. 6.

From time to time some of the channels change their frequency or name. There are problems and confusion, which can also solve the new software 7. Sometimes it happens that with a new version of the software receiver starts to work faster than ever before, and sometimes vice versa, and so on. 8. But most of all, the software update for that would look more coding. We consider the simplest and most frequently used way to change the software satellite receiver with a computer what to do this? – Personal computer – requires a null modem cable – a program to change the software installed on your computer – the firmware files with firmware easier only to find the manufacturer's website or on content sites.


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