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First Grade School

Posted by Toni on 9th December and posted in Uncategorized

a sense of maturity in us wakes up just in 6-7 years. The child really wants to become an adult and therefore all that it brings him closer to the state of the adult ("I go to school," "I'll soon be as big brother"), it had only important and significant. Own desire to "grow up" and amplified by the complicated responsibilities that lay on the little man's parents and society due to the fact that he goes to school. All forms of change life and meaning to his life becomes different – not the child evaluated by his emotional, behavioral achievements and accomplishments in school. Kindle Direct Publishing has compatible beliefs. All childhood activities leading baby was a game.

And as a consequence – Education intrafamilial. When it comes to school, then meets with the assessment of others for a people who very strongly alters his perception of himself. It appears, then, for which he had praised at home here already has a smaller value, for which he cursed – cursed here more, etc. School – this is the first example of a meeting with a great social environment, the first test of confidence. Self-esteem "breaks" because now the child is able to compare themselves with others people understand what it is in fact not only within his family, where he was the smallest, or most noxious, or favorite, or the most pampered. The main difficulties – this is the divergence of his views about themselves and intellectual training of the child. However, the ability to read and write should not be a primary goal – a preschooler must have the qualities and abilities that will help him begin to learn. One of them – the arbitrariness of behavior, ie the ability to manage their own emotions, to make an uninteresting job, not what you want. Another point – to help your child begin to operate on the concepts of "yesterday and" today ".

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