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Flotation Reagent Plays

Posted by Toni on 17th February and posted in Uncategorized

In the flotation process of flotation separator, the main factor is the mineral affinity for water. The flotation state has nothing with the ore density, that is to say, the flotation of the minerals is ralated with the affinity for water. Generally, if the minerals have large affinity for the water, it will be easy fot them to sink to the bottom of the tank; While as for the minerals which have small affinity for water, they will float with the bubbles, which is conducive to sorting the minerals.However, in the flotation process, in addition to the water that is used as a medium, there is a need to add the appropriate flotation reagent, which will be more helpful for the flotation of the minerals. To add the flotation reagents is to change the surface wettability of some mineral particles of the minerals to a certain extent and to adjust the selectivity of the mineral surfaces so that some of the mineral particles can be attached to the bubbles while others can not be attached to the air bubbles.In fact, with regard to the flotation operation of the flotation separator, it not only include the addition of the flotation reagent, but also needs just the fully agitation to produces a lot of bubbles. In this way, the mineral flotation will be more thoroughly. Flotation is a kind of ore beneficaition way that is based on the difference of the mineral water wettability. Generally, the nature of the mineral flotation is called flotability.

In modern flotation process, the application of flotation reagent is particularly important. Because after the treatment of flotation reagent, the flotability of minerals can be changed so that the minerals can be selectively attached to the bubbles to achieve the purpose of beneficiation. It can be seen that the flotation reagent is very important for the operation of the flotation separator flotation. The flotation reagent also greatly expand the flotation range.


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