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Food And Health

Posted by Toni on 2nd July and posted in Uncategorized

In it completes decade, is shortage that many diseases are not by genetic inheritance, but because we inherited the bad habits of our parents. That is to say: if she sucks used the butter to cook, their daughters also would cook with butter. And surprise surprise, sucks and daughters have cholesterol. In fact, this discovery is the very good news, since it means that the power to be healthful this in our hands if we only changed our habits. (Sigh), it is not as easy as the doctor thinks who you rega in your completes visit. First of all, if really you want to change your habits you must know how because to do it and as they will be the consequences if you follow with your bad habits. So that you become an idea, the seventy percent of the population in the United States has overweight (that is to say, between five and forty pounds others) and three of each ten people with overweight are obese (but of forty pounds others) which considers a disease.

If you are a person it practices as I consider myself to be, perhaps you think ” And what if I have libritas others, do not worry to me! ” There am the problem here: What these eating that have made raise you of weight, this replacing to you what IF you would have to be eating and this will take to you to have health problems. Possibly you are between the thousands that no longer they drink water to take soda waters. If it is thus, upon giving to your body twelve spoonfuls him of sugar in each glass of refreshment, you have cleared him one of the elements most important to purify the organs and to distribute the nutrients. You remember your grandpas? Most probable it is than they never got to need pampers. Nevertheless esteem that in this country, the sixty percent of the old majors of seventy years uses depends. Because? For years to abuse the bladder and the kidneys above not drinking sufficient water and putting sugar to him every day That it would happen to him to your car if in the radiator you put soda water to him instead of water? It is important to include/understand that the majority the smaller problems of health like migraas, cholesterol, fatigue, overweight, etc is caused by excesses and by deficiencies in our feeding. So the next time that you want to lower to those libritas others or to reduce the cholesterol, remembers: It is not only the excesses, but also the deficiencies those that have caused the health problem to you.

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