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Posted by Toni on 21st October and posted in Uncategorized

These are the main factors that you should look at when the upper of the golf shoe. The 2nd part of the golf shoe is the sole with the spikes, of course. Spikes are small, spike-like accessories, which are attached to the sole of the golf shoe. Gerald Weissmann, MD shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Earlier models were still out Steel. These days use some players of still steel spikes. Newer models of spikes are usually made of plastic and on the sole and can be screwed off. You determine the stop the strike. Here, too, there are for different surfaces, different types of spikes.

There are for example spikes of soft lawn or spikes for dry, hard soils. The spikes which differ mostly in the distance, incite “, in length and hardness. There is to buy them, so that you can completely equip yourself no matter on what surface you play individually. If you start to play, you should first put to a basic assortment of spikes and look with which to cope best on what surface. Manufacturers that are well-known manufacturer of golf shoes currently FootJoy, adidas, NIKE, bite, Callaway, Chervo, ECCO, Etonic, Mephisto and Oakley.

The traditional brand FootJoy Golf shoes offers distinctive quality. There are FootJoy Golf shoes in the old “look, as well as in the new golf look. NIKE for example gives up one year warranty Water protection of the golf shoe. Adidas comes of course with a time-honored quality in athletic footwear and offers a golf shoe, which combines quality with sporty appearance. The right shoe at the end should you but when selecting the right shoe to look, how’s the golf shoe. He presses already after a short run? Does the shoe stable even after several spins on the Green stop? Like the golf shoe the appearance? You should look at all these things, if you go and wants to have the right shoe. The best is to choose the right golf shoe in a sports shop with Golf Department to go, and. Then it will work also on the races and to be already after a short time a golfer, that hole is still focused on the 18th, when nothing pushing. Sebastian Constapel

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