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Francisca Maria

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3-Creuza Alves of the Light, in Situation, with the Paulina teachers Alves de Oliveira Rock and Francisca Maria de Oliveira. Epifnio 4-school Alves of the Light, in Macambira, with the teachers Luzia Maria Alves of the Light and Auxiliadora Maria Da Silva. 5-school Joo Antonio de Matos, in Return II, with the Tnia teachers Maria of Rasp and Marli Daisy. 6-school Brgido Joo de a Cruz, in the Public park, with the teacher Edlene Brgido of Oliveira Nelson. 7-school Jose Alves de Oliveira, in the Slum quarter, with Read.

8-school Jose Cardoso de Miranda, in the Quixaba, with the teachers Maria of the Modest Conceio Silva, Reinalgela Maria Rock Miranda and Filomena Rejane de Matos. 9-school Jose Clementino Rasp, of the Well of Fumo, with the teacher Maria of Ftima Peixoto de Carvalho. 10 – School Messias Alcntara de Oliveira, in Canto, with Francisca Genecleide Lamb Rasps. 11 – School Milito Sind Da Silva, in Boa Vista, with the teacher Maria Gomes Da Silva. 12 – School Pablo Antonio, of Return I, with the teacher Izabel Maria Da Silva.

13 – School Raymond Loving Agra, in Attached Curralinho Star. 14-Raimunda of the Miranda Coast, in Palestine, with the Antnia teacher. 15-Severiano of Alencar, in the Ingazeira, with the Antonia teacher Pimentel Maria Maria of the Penha Coast. 16-Rodriguez of Queiroz, in the Barroco, with the Mariclia teacher. The schools of Sector C are in number of 14 and are under the supervision of the teacher Ednaide Dantas: 1-. School Antonio Ablio, of the Jacupe Farm, with the teacher Maria of Ftima Laranjeira. 2 – School Antonio Lustosa Oliveira Cabral, in the Alligator, with the Josicleide teacher Blacksmith Marta Lucia of the Birth. 3 – School Joo Liberato de Lima, in the Entremontes, with the teacher Maria of the Clementino Angels. 4 – School Jose Fernandes, in Goases, with the teacher Maria Laranjeiras de Arajo Ueide Mnica Rasp.


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