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Posted by Toni on 13th December and posted in Uncategorized

The author surrounds about the wire-fenced type of the form that considers (in all the perimetria of the park), it does not present bedding or specific function, when already existing the wall, that would be made in the deep one of the lots that possess verge with park. The only purpose for one about the wire-fenced type would be in the verge with roads, hindering the lighted one in points of intensive preservation. The intention proposal for the author to surround and to wall the verge of the park is something known as damping zone, that is, area in entorno it park or unit of conservation where the activities human beings are citizens the specific norms and restrictions with the intention to minimize the negative impacts on the unit. in this case on the inhabitants of entorno. This zone of damping in only depends on the delimitation, but also on the conscience of the inhabitants who will only be obtained through ambient education and awareness of the same ones.

7,6 RECOVERY OF DEGRADED AREAS the area treated in question has innumerable points of degradation, between them of bigger damages as degradation of existing springs in the place, being these around seven observed springs in sito. One another great problem to be corrected would be the invasion of exotic species, predominating between them pinus. This problem can be corrected with the remanejamento of the area, this being made of spaced out form, initiating with the cut of the trees biggest, posterior plantation of native trees for recompor the bush, following the cut of the lesser trees not to occur a competition between the exotic natives and. One another point to stand out would be the lack of adjusted ciliar bush in determined points, as much in the side of the stream how much in the springs gifts in this area, which would have that to be composed of native trees with minimum width of 50m, no longer stream the bush would be composed of the same species, however with a lesser width, of at least 30m.

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