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Gabi Steinbach

Posted by Toni on 21st December and posted in Uncategorized

After the birth, the baby is back track to the mother and perceive what is now the prevailing mood. It is just anxiety perceive the balance. Just when the first child is very much new on the parents and also uncertainties arise because you have the right to want to do everything right. There are sensitive babies, who immediately perceive, if parents are getting restless and respond accordingly as well with anxiety, but the parents are the safety factor par excellence for the newborn. The restlessness of the babies might turn provide new uncertainties of the father and the mother. A cycle many parents know especially in the evening. Evening babies have restlessness phases again and again because of the day must be processed, prepared the bedroom by removing the tension accumulated on the day and it’s often only by crying. Here, it is important to know that the parents must do nothing wrong, but simply accompany the baby in his whining phase.

Comfort, wear, breastfeeding. However quiet safe movements, not to frequent position changes are important, because that makes the child still restless when it constantly finds himself in a new situation. In my experience it is very useful to take the baby in close body contact, place the breast or in the sling Pack. A quiet breath to do so and gentle movements help the newborn, to calm down. Good experiences to describe mothers who frequently did exercises in pregnancy.

Here is the child taught that it is enjoyable once to let go of the everyday life and to go into the inside. A more intimate contact, love and tenderness can flow and this bath of close to feel good in both. Many mothers practice, but also with the restless infant, lay or sit down with him, offer close body contact and return to the relaxation exercises, by maybe just breath deep flows. The baby remembers and adapts itself to the mood of the mother. It will be probably awake and attentive, will communicate with hands and eyes and also in a quiet breath rhythm go over. Perhaps can it even relaxed sleep, because it is loved, comforted and held feel. The more common in pregnancy, this NC contact is maintained with the baby, the easier it can be implemented after the birth. The use of relaxation audios facilitates the regularity and increases the effect.

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