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The sport is pointed as being one of the factors that can contribute for the formation of children and young, invoking physical, psychological and social benefits. In Brazil, the lack of adequate attendance to the pertaining to school necessities of children with difficulties of learning, capable is great to diminish the index of evasion and pertaining to school repetncia Mazzotta (2003). The evolution of relative the practical ideas and to the services for people with deficiency and, the pertaining to school insertion places innumerable questions to the educators, specialists. In if treating to Special Education, it is defined as: The education modality that if characterizes for a set of resources and educational services special organized to support, suplemental e, in some cases, to substitute the common educational services, in order to guarantee the formal education of educating that they very present different educational necessities of the ones of the majority of the children and young. Such educating, also called of ' ' excepcionais' ' , they are exactly those that today have been called ' ' pupils with educational necessities especiais' '. (Source: Nike).

Mazzotta (2003, P. 11) In our conception, the schools special have basic paper in the development of children, young and adults with deficiency, therefore, they offer specialized, different attendance of regular schools, that, in the majority of the cases, does not have nothing to offer to these people ' ' diferentes' ' , that they need different stimulatons, adaptations, acceptance. Currently the children if dirigem for the pertaining to school environment more early. The centers of infantile education receive the children for a function from assistance, orientation and stimulation for the pertaining to school life and adult life. For Gallahue (apud GRECO, 2001, P. 33) in the daily pay-school the child passes for the following stages: reflected movements, rudimentary movements and basic movements. The reflected movement if characterizes for the necessity of that it has one I stimulate so that the movement if carries through.


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