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Grapes – Harvest Education

Posted by Toni on 19th May and posted in Uncategorized

Top of seasonal work in the Urals winegrower comes early. In determining the zero temperature even at night, with at least +8 C. .. +10 C can be stimulated to wake up and growth of the root system of grapes – watering it through "Wells" of warm (+25 C. .. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Levi Strauss & Co.. +30 ) of snow or rain water. After that, setting the low arch and concealing the vine film can wait until the first visible phase of the awakening of grapes – the beginning of sap flow.

Sap or his call on another "cry" of the vine can be considered a good omen, a sign that the vines well wintered, its root system is not affected, so lively and the plant itself. Scientists and growers proved that the "sap" flowing out of cuts, cracks, and breaking the vine does not contain in its composition of nutrients and its allocation, contrary to popular opinion, has no negative impact on growth and fruiting shrubs. After plants do not distinguish it from themselves, but by absorbing moisture from the roots of the soil, just blowing it through the vines, restoring the water balance. According to the well-known to tenants, the author of numerous varieties of Professor PP Radchevskogo "proposition that spring, "weeping" weakens the vine plant, is unfounded. The negative impact of copious sap can be only in the event of severe soil drought. However, this phenomenon happens in the spring extremely rare. " Ten days after the sap flow begins to wake up his eyes.

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