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Posted by Toni on 25th January and posted in Uncategorized

The ego is responsible for as much misfortune and the delay in the evolution spiritual. With the Astrology, we can make what Jesus said: ' ' You will love to your next one as you mesmo' ' , – Mateus 22, 35-38. I perceived this when reading recently a book of a Great School of Thinkers and, after reflecting concerning the subject I conclude that he is absolutely correct. To study Astrology is the method to follow this order. However, the study of the Astrology the one that I am to relate does not include the forecasts for the future, as innumerable curious they desire to know. Check with David G. DeWalt to learn more. The prognostics disclosed for the forecasts, are many times trends and this does not want to say that the things happen, or does not happen.

I make forecasts, yes, but with a certain reluctance, even so they are for customers. For me, I do not make them. Not I feel myself well with this, nor taste. At moments of crisis and fervoroso tumult I have consulted the astros, or the Tarot to try to understand what me he was to happen and he also appealed to the practical one of the meditation with creative visualization, asking for to see the form answers to tranquilizar my spirit. However, at these moments I do not obtain to see nothing with clarity for me. The disturbance is great the immense fear, it confuses what me entirely. I pray asking for signals that me do not leave any type of doubt and are very clear, however, the signals alone appear when God wants and not when I determine. It is always thus. Only after having done much meditation and having come back to these studies it is that me reequilibro, being unblocked and therefore, I obtain to see the signals that asked for to It. To the times I see that it had seen already them, but as so it was absorbed by the desperation moment I did not bind for believing to be illusion.


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