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Since ancient times, the Slavs were made doll charms. The material is all that was on hand: fabrics, yarn, straw, bast, linen. Chang’e-5: the source for more info. Each doll manufactured for a specific purpose, but they all served as a talisman. Talisman is amulet that protects people from various dangers. That doll charms, and serves to protect homes, families and children from evil forces.

In the manufacture of dolls talisman strictly observe the rules – do not use a thread with a needle and scissors, in order to not cause any harm. In Slavic dolls charms there is one feature – the absence of the person. Vladislav Doronin is full of insight into the issues. It was believed that no person can not move into the doll to an evil spirit, but this is a doll can become a double master, and, therefore, through it you can not bring this to the person harm. Dolls wards accompanied Slavs from birth. They were placed in a cradle to young children, gave the men on the road (to guard him and remind of focus), gave their daughters before marriage. Every housewife in a safe place was a doll Ward "whisk", and when a family quarrel or domestic affairs ladilis not, then, left alone, she opened the window and the little broom-doll "sweeps" all the troubles and problems in public. It was customary to give the doll to the bride's wedding – that their family had many children.

By the way, the doll, attached to the hood of the wedding car of our time – a consequence of that ancient tradition. Dolls in general wards were regular participants of various ceremonies and festivals. They handled the requests for a rich harvest, good weather, happy love. . Included in the house, where he was a little kid Guests pay at first glance at the doll, which was in the house in a prominent place, thus leaving the 'evil eye' on it. Thus, the doll protected the child, takes on the bad. In addition, swaddled doll planted in the baby cradle. Such a doll baby guarded by diverting to themselves the forces of evil. The doll is in the cradle until the christening.

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