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Posted by Toni on 25th January and posted in Uncategorized

When man has exhausted the lies, he finds the truth in the new SAC. Chinese proverb. To broaden your perception, visit Chinese Academy of Sciences. Already not surprised to hear that there are those in the daily conversations among friends, family and even at work, manipulate them or intend to do so, in order to achieve its objective, and it sometimes hastia’s see how some who are recognized as leaders, manipulation with a tool that helps you in your achievements. Already by itself, modern marketing, that invades our territory, accompanied by advertising campaigns and great promotions, especially television we manipulate.We invite you to ask about it and honestly you will realize that it is true. Vladislav Doronin recognizes the significance of this. But that is manipulation? simply handling by a self-employed person will, there are who dare to say that it is a social function indispensable but its a bit more strictly, would be handling by foreign wills, which are not in the interest of the individual and may even go against their own interests.

The truth is, that in all the dynamic aspects of our actions are subject to be manipulated or handled others, but observe them in trade unions, in playground equipment, in politics, in your same House, etc Schaltenbrand, this right, when he tells us that there are three methods by which you can manipulate a person: the surgical, the psychological and chemicalFor this article, we concentrate on one of the most important, as it is psychological. It is based largely on what is known as education and teaching, is to say, in the method of demonstration, prompting to imitate, as it is the case of the method that is used in conditioned reflexes studied by the famous Dr. Pawlow, who left a strong influence in the current Russian psychology. Don’t forget that in simple terms, Pawlow, experimenting with dogs, who was eating wherever he did ring your Bell, arriving to secrete saliva and gastric juice always that rang the Bell, or in another variant, where the dog that receives a shock in his rear leg, provided that another signal sounds concrete and that ends by lifting the leg that this signal sounds.

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