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Harrogate Ladies

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HLC – the school, aimed at high academic results. Much attention is paid to prepare for exams. The girls and their parents can always get to school a comprehensive consultation on the selection of training courses or university. 95% of graduates continue their education in the HLC universities. This has the merit of the individual girls' education, the academic benefits of which are well-known schools for girls do not frequent stereotype that, for example, science is not for them, girls junior and middle school age boys grow faster, and with two separate training the girls do not have to slow down the potential for their rapid rate class to wait for lagging behind at this stage, the male half.

On Wednesdays, there is no homework. Lessons end at 16.30, and although in some circles and sections of lessons go, the rest of the day free. Such a break in Mid-week is very important. On this day, 2.5 hours allocated to sport: it may be lacrosse, basketball, fencing, badminton, aerobics, golf, hockey, swimming, tennis, athletics, squash, netball, as well as lessons in the fitness center. Students at junior and middle age are more engaged in team sports, senior pupils prefer individual sports. HLC sports teams participate in competitions with teams from other schools of Great Britain and also represent the national teams of England and Scotland in lacrosse, badminton and rounders.

The best divers HLC even gives Olympic hopes. Each girl is responsible for which kind of sport: it not only pleasure, but also an important part of education. The last two classes of high school in British schools are called second class (Sixth Form). At Harrogate Ladies' College of klassnits 6 1 / 3 of the total number of students. School offers a wide range of training courses, taught by excellent teachers, which allows HLC maintain and improve their academic standards.

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