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Posted by Toni on 16th July and posted in Uncategorized

In the last years, we are seeing a resurgence of the interest in the oil of the Coco by part the industry of the health. The Coco oil gained a bad reputation by a study that discovered that the hydrogenated oil of the Coco is dangerous for the health. Nevertheless, now we know that the one is not the oil of the Coco in himself that is bad for the heart and the levels of cholesterol, but the process of hydrogenation. In fact, the oil of the pure Coco is a saturated fat highly digestive that as much has fatty acids of short chain as of average chain (AGCM). These are the types of fatty acids that our body can digest with facility. The Coco oil is the preferred oil of the athletes, fsicoculturistas and people who make diet. This must to the fact that the Coco oil has less calories in comparison with other oils.

Our body also can easily turn the fat content of the Coco oil into energy. And, finally, the Coco oil does not give rise to the fat accumulation in the arteries and the heart. Benefits for health of the Coco oil the Coco oil also has a series of benefits for the health. One thinks that it helps to reduce the cholesterol, to maintain the glucose levels in the blood and to recover the tiroidea function. When you take oil from the Coco, the body turns lurico acid into monolaurina, a chemistry that are created combat the bacteria and virus that cause diseases like the influenza, the herpes, the cytomegalovirus and HIV.

Also one says that the oil fights harmful bacteria like listeria monocytogenes and Helicobacter Pylori, as well as the harmful protozoarios like Giardia lamblia. How exactly the Coco oil does all the previous one continues being to a large extent a mystery. Nevertheless, the traditional system of the medicine is a basic element in the ayurvdica medicine – that has its origin in India. Its skin also can benefit from the Coco oil. The sebaceous glands under the skin produce AGCM that are similar to that they are in the Coco oil. These AGCM have the certain capacity to kill virus, bacteria and fungi. When one takes a shower, the soap that these AGCM use lava. Nevertheless, if Coco oil is used, it works like a restaurador; it protects his skin, but it hydrates also it, and it even avoids that scars and striae form. Because the Coco oil has a high content of AGCM, it is the most stable oil and its life utility is much greater in comparison with other oils. Even so, the Coco oil is due to store in a dark and fresh place.

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