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Healthy School Environment

Posted by Toni on 10th December and posted in Uncategorized

This study had for purpose to argue the question of the selective collection in the pertaining to school environment, aiming at the recycling and preservation of the environment. Its concretion for the necessity of awaking the sensitivity of the learning with regard to the destination of the residues generated in the School is justified. The general objective was to use the mediation of the faculty of the Institution to acquire knowledge the pupils on the question of the solid residues, unchaining a position in defense of the planet. The project was applied in groups of Basic Ensino initial series, with some pedagogical practical activities and, searching changes of behavior in relation to the handling and destination of the garbage, using this subject as strategical to interdisciplinar to insert Ambient Education in the pertaining to school resume. The pertaining to school community acquired greater conscience on the situation of the way where it lives and it coexists, having responsible and compromised attitudes with the cares to the environment. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Re-education, Change, Ambient Valuation, Learning. ABSTRACT This study aimed you discuss selective collection in the school environment, aiming you recycling and preservation of the environment.

Justifies-if its implementation by the need you awaken the sensitivity of the learners in relation you the destination of the waste generated in School. General The objective was you uses the mediation of the teaching staff of the institution will be awareness pupils on the question of solid waste, triggering posture in defense of the planet. The project was applied in classrooms of Basic initial Education series, with various activities and pedagogical practices, seeking changes in behavior in relation you management and destination of garbage, using this strategic interdisciplinary you insert Environmental Education in school curriculum.

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