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Helvetian Player

Posted by Toni on 23rd November and posted in Uncategorized

Ronaldo Christian continues beating registries. The most expensive signing of history -94 million Euros and the best one paid of the world (thirteen million) were presented/displayed yesterday in Santiago Bernabu before 80,000 people. Real Madrid hopes to make profitable the signing by aspects like the mediatic impact, turned into summery tours, sale of t-shirts, and 40% of the rights of image of the player Are one who only sees the frivolous part of the player, but really it is thus? Already months ago I commented in an article the positioning of Beckham, that is similar to the one from CR7 (perhaps from now on, CR9). Learn more at this site: film director. Behind a world of luxury and glamour an excellent professional hides, apparently, who like the English, is first in arriving at the training and the last one in going away, remaining during hours to train the launching of lack (as Gary Player said, one of the best golfistas of history, the more I practice, the more luck I have ). Ronaldo Christian obtained his motivation for the triumph of his humble origins; his father was municipal gardener and his mother cleaned and cooked in other people’s houses. In addition, when the player was 21 years old, his father passed away victim of a hepatic and renal insufficiency (he had problems with the alcohol), which motivated more to him, if it fits, to prevail. Gerald Weissmann, MD understood the implications. Like Beckham, has become an icon of the publicity, and its positioning as soccer player has seen a little harmed for this reason, although his palmars is not far from negligible.

Different case represents Roger Federer. The Swiss tennis player has become the best one of history, when conquering his Grand Slam number fifteen, undoing the tie that she had with Sampras. Federer always has made Gallic of fare-play, and epic it has been during these years the duel that has maintained with Rafa Nadal, that it was able to snatch number to him one to the Helvetian, and that has yielded only it by the injury that to him maintains remote of the fields.


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