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High German

Posted by Toni on 26th September and posted in Uncategorized

This turn of events resulted in the appearance of the words borrowed from the language in Danish. Moreover, in the 17 century High German in Denmark to become the language used at court. Later, he was replaced by French, resulting in a Danish penetrated French borrowings. But already by the mid-18 century, develops purist movement, cause of which was a rather large number of foreign words in Danish. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Levi’s. In spite of this, and to date in the literary Danish there is a fairly large number of foreign borrowing. In the morphology of the modern Danish language rather simplified compared to the 15-17 centuries.

Thus, cases remain only two – the so-called "General" and the genitive, do not differ in those verb forms and so on. The main differences in the phonetics of Danish and North German languages are: sound-b-, and friktivnye-g-and-d-, which are used instead of-k-,-t-and-p-post vowels that are already entered in the 14 century. Also occurs in the closure of the vocal cords of those variants of pronunciation, which in other languages, particularly in the Norwegian and Swedish, there is a simple accent. In addition, in phonetics Danish language uses a strong aspiration for the pronunciation of certain sounds and the so-called "no vote" in pronouncing explosive sounds. Takes place and the use of short consonants at the end of words, which replaced the long consonants. As for diphthongs, they also have their characteristic differences in comparison with other languages of North German team. Swedish is the official language of Sweden, as well, along with Phoenician language – the official language of Finland.


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