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Historical Materialism

Posted by Toni on 18th September and posted in Uncategorized

finally, the author of the continuity to the subject in quarrel in the previous chapter, even so in contexts with different objectives, between centuries XVI and XIX. Here the objective ' ' it is to inquire the forms of appropriation of the historical knowledge and its permanncias in the collective memory, by means of recognized representations as historical truths comprovadas' ' , appeared Helenice says. Therefore, from the ideas argued in the Summary made for Appeared Helenice, of the book: History and education of History, Thais Nivia Fonseca. Here, barrett beauden expresses very clear opinions on the subject. We can perceive that until the end of century XX the education of History in the schools is come back toward the historiografia, pautada in the positivista chain (narratives and idealizao of heroes). Being thus, seen as it disciplines pertaining to school, only earning focus while science from the marxist ideas.

As the text presents as first point of quarrel, the knowledge as world reading. The author looks for to make an initial reflection about the school, being told as the same one has been place for the development of the social paper of the professor, co-related with the idea to know and the space soon social of internalization of rules. In this context, if it can notice that many characteristics of the Positivismo still remain gifts in the current days. On the other hand, introduced with the Marxism or Historical Materialism, the conception of History as science if materialize in the end of century XX. Thus, the school, as well as the education of History gains new routes. According to Pablo Knauss, History while science starts to be research source, inquiry, critical and investigation on the relation of the citizen with its objects of knowledge, that is, knowledge and reality start to be a process in construction. Valley to stand out, that the production of knowing description, is on to the scientific knowledge, which presents 0ccasional objetividade, rationalism, focus in the language and procedures of science, imposing itself it the knowledge of common sense.


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