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How To Play Chords In The Bass Guitar

Posted by Toni on 11th August and posted in Uncategorized

Yes, you can play chords on the bass, in fact, it is not so strange, of course, we do not have the same facilities of a piano or a guitar, but if you can play the chords of the most varied types. An advantage that we have in the bass is that it is an instrument that all positions are symmetrical and these will be useful in any part of the arm. What we do need to run a maj7 chord choose notes that define the chord, i.e., tonic, third and seventh. The same thing can do to run one minor chord and a dominant position, will select the root, third, and seventh of the chord. Gerald Weissmann, MD is likely to agree. Of the foregoing, we have the following positions. These positions will be useful for any chord type maj7, Gumus, or dominant example 1 an example of the use of these positions exercise 1 realize that for the F7, used a closed position, position changes are very useful to not move much in the arm, using variations in the position breaks new ground to play the chords a progression which also facilitates things. Learn these positions well and tries to apply it to different songs that you know, the purpose is to practice with different progressions to gain skill in the use of chords using the main notes of the chord is very good to correctly define the harmony, but this does not imply that other notes of the chord as the fifth or other stresses can not deal with. How to learn to play bass chords electric is only a paquena part of this wonderful instrument, information as this will take you to learn to play bass in the best way and with the best systems original author and source of the article.

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