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Intelligence Multiple Learning

Posted by Toni on 19th July and posted in Uncategorized

Educational reflections overview committed to education require determine what to present the incidence, extent, impact of multiple intelligences in learning, how this benefits the student, how to get positive results. In this writing we delve in highlighting the importance of learning, the contributions of multiple intelligence that we favour. LEARNING, reach, impact on an interesting work in this regard Barbara Gorriz us notes, that the issue of multiple intelligences has been studying and developing since always. For example: Rousseau believes that the child must learn through experience, there are put in game relationships inter intra personal and the natural inclinations. Pestalozzi bets on a curriculum of intellectual integration also based on experience. Freobel (founder of the kindergarten jardine) speaks of learning through experiences with objects to manipulate, games, songs, works.

John Dewey sees to the classroom as a microcosm of society where learning occurs through relationships and experiences of its members. Comprehensive language uses Linguistics as a centre but used others: intelligences to achieve their objectives as the music, manual activities, introspection, etc. Personal experiences put at stake all or some intelligences of individuals and it is through them will succeed where the natural inclination on the other hand, it is well known and it has thus been published, that the word learning is a very broad term that encompasses distinct phases of a same and complex process. Each of the models and existing theories focuses on learning from a different angle. When looking at the totality of the learning process is perceived that these theories and models seemingly contradictory among themselves are not so and even that they complement. Learning style refers to the fact that when we want to learn something each one of us uses its own method or set of strategies. Although the specific strategies that We use vary depending on what you want to learn, each of us tends to develop global preferences.


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