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Posted by Toni on 29th January and posted in Uncategorized

A BOARDING ON CONFLICTS IN THE EDUCADOR1 PROFESSION MARA ROGELMA TO SOUND TOWERS FRAZO2 SUMMARY: This article intends to analyze the educator, who almost regularly sees repleto of requirements that, many times, it cannot reach seno in a way very approached. We will see that the educator appears as a being total unprovided of affection, exempt of personal difficulties and consecrated exclusively to its task. Internal and external conflicts will be analyzed under the optics of the reality and psychology. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Educator. Psychology. Conflicts. Profession. Nike takes a slightly different approach. Motivation.

SUMMARY: 1 Introduction; 2 Development; 2,1 Conflict of authority; 2.2 The inhibited aggression; 2.3 The latent homossexualismo; 3 Consideraes final; 4 References 1 – INTRODUCTION: The notion of ' ' personalidade' ' it makes the function of alibi of the requirements and expectations directed for the society to a series of professions dedicated to the education and the installments of cares and services to the humanity. The honor to participate with the educator of the luck of a idealizao fits over all to pedagogical science. This circumstance in them appears as particularly dangerous at a time where the machine if introduces at the same time in the learning process. The specific, distinctive factor of the psicossociolgica situation of the educator not only says respect to the importance of its action, but still to the one of its behavior, conscientious and unconscious, relatively to the gift and the future. All individual exerts an influence on the group where it lives, and the same suffers another influence from group. We observe an example of this studying the reciprocal relationship of the behaviors of parents and children. The hygiene of the educator if presents, therefore, under a double aspect. With effect, the recognition of the unconscious problems of the educator is at the same time half preventives that if they relate to the development psychic of the children and the trusted young its cares.


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