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Invited Editor Tutta Larsen

Posted by Toni on 6th June and posted in Uncategorized

With the September issue of the magazine for parents of "Nanny" new guest editor. They became Tutta Larsen. Tutta Larsen – Tatyana – graduated from Moscow State University Journalism School, she worked on "VIZ-TV, Muz tv, Radio Maximum. Now Tatiana not only Leading popular programs on the channel mtv, but the young mother. Tutta led more than a year in the journal "Child" a diary in which he shared the joys and challenges, as well as lessons learned in child-rearing.

"When some time ago Dmitry invited me to become a guest editor "Nanny", I initially did not even know that he and respond. Firstly, it was all too sudden. My whole life has been associated with radio and television, and with tv, music, youth. Besides, my creative roles are always more correlated, so to speak, to the spoken genre. And suddenly – Editor for the parents. Too steep turn! On the other hand, I reasoned, with the "Nannies" I associate many years of friendship. That is, not some other issue for several years now publish my diaries, I'm from the birth of his son Luke. By the way, thanks "Nanny", but as a reader and a young mother, I learned many new and useful.

And in general, with the birth of a child, I became very different. And the world around me has changed most radically. So why not pass its own, even though a little while, but they are not less valuable lessons to other moms? Why do with them not to understand the new trends in education of kids? Or organize a discussion of topical issues of our pediatrician? All this seemed to me extremely interesting. And so I agreed. Starting with this issue, we will meet monthly in the magazine and, of course, on my forum site. Hopefully, over time, "Nanny" will become more interesting and more useful for all our current and future readers. That, just as it once for me the most it will be all of you best friend and helper. ps And do not judge strictly. After all, I have yet to novice editor. "Sincerely Tuta Larsen


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