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LCD Displays

Posted by Toni on 14th December and posted in Uncategorized

The principle of the lcd matrix is based on the polarization of the light beam passing through the liquid crystal. This effect was discovered in 1888, but this effect application was found only in 1930 at the end of 1966, released its first lcd display in digital hours. lcd screen is made up of many layers of a multilayer sandwich myself: back layer is a layer that reflects the light that falls from the backlight or the line of LEDs, the second layer is a polarizing film – Polarizer – substance, which allows to allocate part of the natural light that has the desired polarization by passing it through or reflected from the surface. They are used in the polarizing filters.

The third layer is a glass liquid crystals, which are under the influence of the electric field rotated thereby passing or not passing the light through yourself – Liquid crystals (abbreviated LC) – a substance with properties both as liquids (fluidity) and crystals (anisotropy). Richard Linklater may not feel the same. On the structure of the lcd is a liquid, similar to jelly, consisting of elongated molecules, ordered a certain way throughout the volume of the liquid. In recent months, Levi’s has been very successful. Most characteristic feature of lc is their ability to change the orientation of the molecules under the influence of electric fields, which opens wide possibilities for applications in industry. The fourth layer is a color filter, he comes immediately after the layer of liquid crystals and deposited on the inner surface of the glass panel and serves to form a color picture. – Use a normal three-color additive synthesis: the colors are formed by optical mixing radiation of the three basic colors (red, green and blue). Cell (pixel) consists of three separate elements (subpixels), each of which is associated with above it the color filter red, green or blue, the combination of the 256 possible values for each tone of the subpixels can produce up to 16.77 million color pixels. And finally the last fifth layer is another polarizing filter. With it goes have a full picture that we see. In the next article we will discuss varieties highlights lcd screens. All the best.

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