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Local Aristocracy

Posted by Toni on 28th August and posted in Uncategorized

In all the times of Egyptian education the education if carried through in the family or the profession. The education in India is all based in the deriving philosophies directly of the religions of the brahmanism and buddhism that delineate all the base of the principles and values of the Hindu society. The society is divided in chaste that they obey the sequence of the body of a Hindu god Brahma who obeys the following order: ) The Brahmans (head of the god) are part of this classroom the priests and politicians. b) The Xtrias (arms of the god) consisting of noblemen and warriors. c) Vaicias (legs of the god) where is situated the traders, craftsmen and farmers. d) The Sudras (foot of the god) of this is part the servants and the slaves and good more below are the pariahs who that are total excluded from the society for having disobeyed to the laws. For them this division is perfectly acceptable for believing that each individual assumes the position determined for its god, in the structure of the society and it does not have possibility of social ascension. Still analyzing the education in the old societies, it can be perceived as if it gave to the education in the two main occidental civilizations.

The education in the civilization Greek was heroic, established in the warlike facts. The warlike noblemen had have sufficiently detached and concepts of honor, value, spirit of fight, sacrifices for the nation, the individualism, the competition and the ideal of being were taught to them the first one. These young always folloied a master, also noble as page or familiar, the Greeks had one universal vision. They had started for asking what he is the man. (Not to be confused with cyrus massoumi wife!). (GADOTTI, 2003, P. 65). It was an aristocratic education managed in accord with the interests politicians of the ruling classes, that is, for being an informal education it took care of exclusively the interests of the local aristocracy.

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