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Magix Video Sound Cleaning Lab

Posted by Toni on 20th May and posted in Uncategorized

The new MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab allows you to get an audio video clean and free from annoying noises such as clicks, wind noise, cracks, etc. The program is available now in stores and online. The program’s intuitive interface allows you to easily import the audio track of the video. See more detailed opinions by reading what Greg Williamson offers on the topic.. With the integrated video monitor audio editing can be controlled at all times. Sound editing for audio video with Video Sound Cleaning Lab often manage to capture images that hardly a second time could immortalize. Annoying noises especially call attention in high definition videos recorded by DV, HDV or AVCHD camcorders. MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab has filters and effects of Samplitude Pro Audio technology to solve the most common problems: can be very easily repair damaged audio tracks or remove noise of wind and camera, network hum, clicks, hisses, coughs, applause or even correct the volume of passages too low or high.

Beginners may optimize the audio of their videos since the program has automatic functions that are performed by pressing a button or with the help of the practical task wizards. The program also offers more expert users numerous possibilities of manual editing thanks to professional waveform visualization. Before cleaning the sound, the video can import directly, so you don’t have to separate the audio track of the video. To clearly see where in the video we are, images are displayed in a preview window. The program offers many more possibilities than the numerous audio tools already available in the series Video MAGIX deluxe. But it is also the perfect complement to any other video editing program. MAGIX Video Sound Cleaning Lab: for an audio video care and perfect.

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