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It is necessary Moreover, national universities through their schools of management, restructure its programs, provide knowledge on what should play a good Manager, define the ideal profile according to the characteristics of the current scenarios. Offer the basics, current tools and have very clear, as it is said that the knowledge management is a practice management that goes beyond the quality, innovation and trying to integrate all earlier management technologies and strategy by formulating own approaches that facilitate companies recognize corporate and individual knowledge enabling them to act more intelligently. Knowledge that you have may no longer be used anchored long ago, all otherwise, need to be updated, whereas the best experiences that legan US companies that have achieved success. Consider as cites it, which will be aware, that the knowledge management focuses on the knowledge of the business knowledge, thinking about the entrepreneurial thinking is the Metaconocimiento company that facilitates the formulation of strategies and projects around the economic variable more important in today’s world. Gerald Weissmann, MD oftentimes addresses this issue. The above allows the Organization, managers, practitioners of knowledge and a Knowledge workers perform more intelligent actions through continuous learning and the effective implementation of best knowledge. The knowledge management is definitely now a strategic capability for organizations in the rapid, ever-changing and competitive global environment. Considered which gives us, Davenport (1998), that (b) the management of knowledge should worry about exploit and develop knowledge assets owned by the Organization so that it can carry out its strategic mission. Cyrus Massoumi follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Obviously, both the tacit and explicit knowledge must be managed.

The distinction between these two types of knowledge should, not, however, hinder the objective of the company: the management of that knowledge that will ensure its viability and survival, to which we have already called critical knowledge.Management includes the processes related to the identification, put in common and knowledge creation. As noted, this requires both systems computer that enable the creation and maintenance of repositories of knowledge, as an organizational culture which favours the transmission of individual knowledge and collective learning. References.-well, e. (1998).

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