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Management By E-Mail

Posted by Toni on 29th October and posted in Uncategorized

Free guide helps managers when the email using a guide targeted specifically on the situation of managers shows executives how they can optimally use email. The advice is based on the best practice findings from numerous email efficiency projects of SofTrust consulting, a specialist for email efficiency. The book covers topics such as the best number daily email”, the optimal mix of email”, influencing the communication partner, cooperation with assistance, time management, use of BlackBerry & co”, etc. The book contains an analysis instrument based on its executives, their own email traffic can quickly analyze and evaluate. Numerous practical tips show, what can be improved and what steps that should be taken. Manager are now amongst the most intensive users of email,”says Gunter Weick, unfortunately, only very few executives really effectively use email. But that is “no surprise: not only has it ever properly learned!” Executives, who are not only very successful, but where it has also always felt that they could put a tooth at any time without problems to handle all similar according to Weick email. The new book shows the best practices.

Managers who have implemented the tips presented by Walker and Wagner reported better results, less stress and a higher job satisfaction – for themselves and their employees. (Including Weicks book if emails bug”) management by email is different from general email counselors” by the focus on executives and their specific role as Manager. We here are not general knowledge flat, but specifically respond to the concerns of the leadership.” The assistance for the correct handling of email is aimed exclusively at Manager. The guide will be published in first free online in weekly episodes. Readers can at a forum to influence the final version of the manuscript. In December, the final version will appear as a book.

Interested managers can see Register free of charge for the series. Who enters later may request also the older episodes on this site. Authors: Gunter Weick is SofTrust Consulting Executive coach and partner of management consulting. He deals with email culture since 2001. He conducts organization development to higher email efficiency, conducts training and coaching managers in optimizing their use of email. On the correct handling of email, generally he has already if emails bug”published (Eichborn, 2008). Susanne Wagner has an education degree education and studied psychology in Vienna. Management by email”is her first book.

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