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Posted by Toni on 12th June and posted in Uncategorized

Those who are uncomfortable so far to travel, rents an apartment closer, it all depends on the willingness and financial capability of the student. Students like to live in the dorms, as there good conditions. Lodge, usually in twos, toilet, bathroom and kitchen are on the floor, in addition, have access to the Internet, which helps students in their studies. Also there are blocks on the quad, where students live in two rooms, they more expensive. – And where the students have lunch? – As far as I know, students are rarely prepared. Guys or buy food at stores or eat in the canteens.

In the dining room dinner cost somewhere up to 50 crowns – the first and second course. – Many students at the time of going to college ill speak the Czech language. How hard they are given training in this regard? Do all cope with such difficulties? – In the case when students come to learn and relate to training seriously enough for them our intensive courses to ensure that from 1 October to begin their studies in Czech language and in three or four months to pass examinations. If they come for other purposes, then they will complexity throughout the study period. We have students who learn a second or third year, and Czech language is still not fluent. This is the choice of everyone. – Students from universities in the Czech Republic have the opportunity to play sports? How sports preference for our students? – Very large area next to the dormitories set aside for sport.


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