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Mexican Revolution

Posted by Toni on 11th October and posted in Uncategorized

Children color of my land with their same scars millionaires of worms and therefore sad to live the children in the homes of cardboard. Joyful living dogs at the home of the operator you not going to believe but there are schools of dogs that give them education pa that not bite down on the newspapers but the pattern, years ago, many years that this biting workers yesterday Cananea and Rio Blanco, were exterminated, today the 100 route or the Union of electricians and perhaps and maybe say, the powerful SNTE. (The popular saying when you see your neighbor’s beard trimming, put yours to soak). Mejicanos, in those days the warlords made the popular call to take up arms and overthrow the structures of injustice, today the media make us hear the national anthem already not for national identity in the morning and in the night-subliminally hear what the union makes the force and strengthen the moral idea, what if you work with much sacrifice will have to eat, what the story points to an Oaxacan 6013hsc having exalted the highest political post then the metaphor is: Yes the could, I also can. No matter that you to achieve this pass above others.

Yesterday Ladino Indians today are objectified people, sources of cheap labor; times of the fat cows only in the Bible because we are still living the lean times and who creates those times spent, is not true. Let’s look at our about: teachers, live between cross fires, unite and disengage; promote values but also failing. Then question: does education humanist or symbolic authority? The student has only one option: approving the rules of the school and the teaching: adhere to the prescribed curriculum, etc., seems that the arena of educational action goes against the consensus, and that we already have much, dear listeners, I imagine that in 2060, all this is a story that if heard by chance that 2010 had a lady named television with their news to discredit Dialogic of the Parties, or the teachers decidentes this finished, sometimes to dissociate or confront with the media, becomes red or sensationalist note and give national coverage, forgetting that there are other issues of national priority which can be tracked. Sincerely desire that things are totally different. Because 1910 is much like 2010. Comrades thousand nine hundred ten organized the most lavish celebration of history but with an intrinsic goal: the reaffirmation of the regime of Porfirio Diaz. 2010, is the same ratification but with another name: the dictatorship of gift money. They say that history is cyclical and Yes from the Mexican Revolution to the independence movement a hundred years passed and independence to the sad night only three centuries, do anything be before a 2010 for a beginning of a period of three centuries to return to fight for what is best for? Master that difficult is the determination to teach and fight for a change from the classroom with freedom how sad, you will hear the rain on the roofs of cardboard away passing the hope in cardboard houses. . I do want to have buy freedom!

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