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Posted by Toni on 22nd January and posted in Uncategorized

How many times have I heard a mother claims that her baby is “not tolerate” milk or a certain kind of milk. Please visit University of Cambridge if you seek more information. She said so on the grounds that the child spit up, he had gas or diarrhea, it is often vomited he refused to drink or left in the bottle milk. In short, in many circumstances of life born of mother’s milk generally attributed to guilt or to any particular its class. Sometimes they are right, but more often wrong. But this is an important issue and it should look. About 30 years ago, pediatricians often resented mess of milk, and they had to vigorously oppose that change milk which fed the child, if he there are a variety of disorders attributed to one or another form of milk.

While it was possible to see the newborn, who managed a two-month age 4 or 5 times to change the milk and I felt from this only gets worse, and found he had not been upset. When we talk about the different types of milk offered by the newborn, we see that everything can be divided into several categories and each category of different brands almost identical to each other is different. Without hesitation Yale University explained all about the problem. They contain the same nutrients equivalent to those from a biological point of view. Sometimes, for no apparent reason for the pediatrician, the infant can not tolerate milk or that (Burp, spinning, refuses to suck his painful digestion), but fine without any problems and learns more milk from the same category. A variety of kinds of milk, with which we deal today, sometimes is difficult. Nevertheless, more and more often we see children who can not tolerate cow’s milk proteins, but an excellent job of human milk. Such intolerance, even in mild form, but still threatening complications in the future, occurs so frequently that it took to create anallergicheskie, that is not causing allergies milks with a highly modified proteins.

This milk is used in cases of true intolerance, and it differs from a hypoallergenic milk, which we’ll talk later, and which is used as a supplement to mother’s milk. Intolerance to a substance that is included in milk may also lead to a period of several weeks after an intestinal infection and require certain dietary measures. The fact that the artificial milk causes disorder in children who do not tolerate it or other substance included in it. Many newborns poorly assimilated sucrose, in any case – in the first months of life. Consequently, you may need dietary measures, consisting in the replacement of one milk others, but always need to understand what is happening and be able to do serious and just installed a reason.


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