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Miniature Bull Terrier

Posted by Toni on 1st March and posted in Uncategorized

What is sometimes forgotten, especially by people who – mostly because of our restrictive German regulations – from standard on the mini "change" is the fact that the minis are terriers. If you would like to know more about film director, then click here. More terrier, I would argue, than the standard bull terrier. They're funny, they are charming, they're affectionate, but sometimes they are quite daring and tough, and they love to hunt. A deer, a hare or particularly small rodents are for her a great temptation, and here we must intervene with consistency and a certain level of hardness against the hunting instinct. One must also remember that need regular exercise and Mini Bull Terrier employment. It helps the largest land not for the dog when it does not have sufficient employment, because of the miniature bull terrier will be required mentally and physically.

Who would make absolutely no sport that has to give his miniature bull terrier at least once a day the opportunity to run, to sprint and to discover in nature, at least with his nose slightly, in other words, he must go at least a walk every day sufficient with the miniature bull terrier is really happy only when you play with him and his prey drive with ball or similar toy dogs in the right direction and draws can live. With other pets, the Miniature Bull Terrier goes well with adequate education and habit, only the guinea pigs in our stables would our minis But to catch you. The compatibility with other dogs is absolutely normal, more I know this is not to say absolutely.


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