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Posted by Toni on 9th December and posted in Uncategorized

At the right time, some corporate arms very long wait succession until they decide for a transfer of their business. This hesitation often has a tangible cause of hormonal. But as long as this relationship is not widely known, remain the person concerned in a sort of limbo and make a clear decision in the corporate succession difficult. About 40,000 companies waiting for estimates of the Institute of Mittelstand research Bonn (IfM) annually, to move into younger hands. But the succession is anything but easy. The concern that the life’s work falls into wrong hands, jobs lost and suffer for many years built up relationships with customers and suppliers could, cloud views the formerly successful operating business links.

The consequences are dramatic according to IfM: per year around 5,000 family-run company to close, because is not a prospect for the succession. As a result, nearly 30,000 jobs lost. The Corporate bar not initiate the succession, because they fear to be no longer needed, or because they have no confidence in the competence of their possible successors. But both topics would have regarded you as project in the course of their professional life and with answers provided in the blink of an eye. Why does this approach no longer work? The ultimate note arises from the observation of behavior: earlier pursued the corporate bar goal-oriented tasks and made sure that something happened. Today he defends the acquis and make sure that as nothing happens especially in the succession. He shows a radically different behavior as before.

How is this possible? People change in their behaviour but only slightly, as every executive coach will confirm. The reason for this change in the behavior of the hormones are the male sex hormone, especially testosterone. It is not only for the development of sexual characteristics such as voice or Beard responsible, but is also the messengers, which promote the typical male characteristics. More or less pronounced men like stone age hunters behave: dominant, risk-takers, decision strong and consistently tracking. The counterpart to the testosterone is the female sex hormone estrogen: in addition to the development of female sexual characteristics it ensures in behavior beneficial harmony, a nice binding, and a loving care. Now both sex hormones in different distribution dormant in every human being: outweighs testosterone for men and women the estrogen. Nature has set it up so, that testosterone decreases with age among men, at a steady or even increasing estrogen content. This is often visible when men because their statements are considered mature and wise personality. The reason for this change in behavior is a different hormonal mix than in the past. And it is precisely this hormone mix of the Corporate succession makes it so difficult. It inhibits a clear and sometimes hard decision. He makes it hard so the corporate bar to accept that he can please not everyone. Because no enterprise Rails wants to intentionally ruin his life’s work, at the same time but most of the overview, it lacks to get out of this spiral, the conversation with an external third party is especially valuable in this situation. An outsider who knows these relationships, is not afraid to speak plain language and is able to provide information on appropriate action solutions for the corporate succession.

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