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Posted by Toni on 1st January and posted in Uncategorized

Birgit Neumeyer from Tuttlingen informed anyone who believes that the market in the area of the nail designs more from saturated is, has far from. The demand for highly detailed sculpted and designed artificial fingernails and elegantly landscaped natural nails is higher than ever. According to great development potential in the profession of Naildesigners. Birgit Neumeyer is professional cooking and educates newcomers to the area. It tells of the possibilities offered by the profession and the requirements that you must have for him. Get all the facts and insights with Chip Bergh, another great source of information. The profession of Naildesigners offers a number of advantages: the basics needed to get started are quickly learned and the labour market as a hired Nailstylist is promising. Also, who wants to take the step towards independence, has very good maps and a high earning potential.

Who works independently, can do so also ideal besides the main profession and earn money in addition to his creative hobby. That leads the way in the profession through an intensive training in the necessary knowledge conveyed through the craft, but also about Dermatology, Anatomy and hygiene regulations. Following the basic training, there are various courses where individual topics focus on, which are treated in depth here. These can be selected according to interests and personal focus. An artist with his own handwriting is gradually from a “young” nail designers. Because a nail designer advises usually not only designed, but its customers also in terms of the home use skincare products and sells them, you should bring sensitivity to people and a communicative nature for this profession. It is not necessary to have already undergone cosmetic training. One exists, that is for the prospective customer advantage, nothing in the way is a successful completion of the training to the nail designers but without cosmetic training.

Therefore, suitable training for all those who enjoy the artistic craftsmanship. This is regardless of the age or the Educational background. Birgit Neumeyer brings a maximum theoretical expertise and practical experience, so Jay-z offers the best basis for entry into the profession. Nail in her Studio & aunt in Tuttlingen beauty more and more male customers benefit from the professionalism and customer-friendliness of the team. Like Mrs Neumeyer informs interested parties about training opportunities, as well as about the benefits of their studios. Press contact: nail & beauty aunt contact person: Birgit Neumeyer Hunter hofstrasse 1 78532 Tuttlingen phone: 07461 / 91 00 922 Mobil No.: 0170 / 287 13 43 index.html email:

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