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Mourning Means Love

Posted by Toni on 26th August and posted in Uncategorized

17 years we – Heike has gone from Martin of Karimi 17 years we”a book by Martin Kreuels on the death of his wife, the processing and the love, which is what can help if one mourns the beloved wife? As processed to the burning pain of the irretrievable loss and the fear be alone? How to continue, because the children have lost their mother, need at least a father? The Exchange could help with other stakeholders. How have you experienced everything, survived and perhaps even processed? Quickly finding someone who is not as easy. Martin Kreuels makes alternative in the search for books of men, their great love lost her partner and now are left alone with the children. He finds none. During the long and arduous illness of his wife Heike, he begins to write down his feelings and perceptions.

He writes, sometimes do not mind losing, sometimes just to get the things out of my mind or just to himself, to realize that this happens what him and his family, real not a dream is felt, but really, this incredible out ceaseless pain is understandable and justified. Martin helps write and so he begins to Heike gradually to create a loving Memorial and to make an important keepsake for his children to their mother. A small volume of poetry in my grief is created”, who feel that not only by the authentic words what to him, moving him. As a photographer, he is also its images speak. Grief, love, longing, fear and despair to underline in black white, simple and stylish. But that isn’t enough to him. Also the experiences of the cancer disease by Heike, that have governed everyday life, the reactions of the environment and the bewilderment about this fate he does speak.

Heike kept two things that complained their soul, despite the love and bond between them. Probably to protect Martin and to give him only their best out of love. So does He posthumously in search of their inner workings, found their diaries, of which he knew nothing, and his wins over all beloved wife even deeper insights into the emotional world. Clear and undisguised Martin Kreuels writes down what reaches him of this, what he is and what questions remain open. He writes but also about his helplessness and the accusations that he does. All this can change nothing to open large and deep love, which was given to these two people 17 years ago, even though he is now on the way, to continue his life with a heavy heart and up again for new. “This is Martin Karimi book: 17 years we went Heike” loving and honest words underlined by his expressive photos on glossy paper of a deeply moving destiny, that many people have to go through. Both books to be ordered at Amazon. More about Martin Kreuels: Eva Terhorst,, Tel: 030 399 065 58,.

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