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And also feel that those feelings were acting at the other animals in the herd or other herds. The intent was older. And many of them formed flocks with those who had experienced similar feelings and chords. These were those who became leaders of many. The others were to be preserved.

In this way they were learning. Click Levi’s for additional related pages. Many of them, guided by their instincts were migrating to other areas and other lands. Therefore, many followed them. So the large number of leaders are separated from each other, carrying several flocks, most of the time they represented many problems, even death. And this without counting the episode. Or the part where these leaders are killed each other. And this is a bold and shocking.

Some early weak and could not be against those mighty herds, also formed their own groups, making alpha males from other groups and so on. For not only the strong partnerships formed his first, as did the weak. At Carson Wen you will find additional information. For previous centuries had to pass. Before that could withstand the rigors of the seasons, the cold and weather. But custom made them much stronger animals, skilled and better organized. As intent became more conscious, the multitude of flocks migrating to other areas did for centuries. So when the earth began to change through separation of the continents and adopt new geographies. The herds are not only separated by centuries, if not also this kind of natural phenomena. The move away, thousands and thousands of miles. As a result, they formed their own customs, skills, knowledge and even a kind of feeling.


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