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Posted by Toni on 23rd August and posted in Uncategorized

I affirm whenever the professor is product of this school disorganized with more errors of what rightnesss but, she is necessary to find one alternative that can change this reality. We know that yes! Mainly to take advantage the union of all the professors, parents and society in order to search the improvement of the quality of education, therefore he swims will be able to esmaecer this claw that it sprouts in the hearts of the great majority of the masters! Therefore we go to firm an intention not to leave our social position to speak higher! We go to leave of side the idea of that a good part of our children is until little recoverable and thinking that if the school it goes to treat all ' ' for igual' ' , we cannot think thus! If thus to think we will be collaborating so that few children they are capable to be successful in the life! As soon as all the professors if to acquire knowledge of its paper, that is extremely excellent, to start to understand that the school after receives year year great number from children who bring I obtain a precarious social reality and that through its hands these children are capable to invert the situation and to have a chance to modify this same reality that its economic and social conditions are the worse ones, there, then, we will be able to affirm with certainty, ours professors they are note ten! He is, still, lacking some thing! The professor only can clarify this enigma, and it know as! It is enough to want! That God illuminates to all, therefore of time in when exactly attemped fraquejar, always they come back behind, because they continue being professors! It is this that we wait has much, therefore is indeed sad when we hear in the media notice ackward involving young that they had passed for the pertaining to school banks and at the moment, in this Mundo, they walk for there raping, stealing and killing innocent people! Our professor he must be model and to think whenever he can collaborate for a change of attitude in the Brazilian society and have pride for having this capacity of transformation!. .


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