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Municipal Public School

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The contribution of the game for the social values of the children of 1 to 5 year in the lessons of Physical Education of the Schools Municipal of Basic Education of the City of Teotnio Vilela – AL. 2008, 37p. (As opposed to Richard Linklater). Monograph (Graduation in Physical Education) – College of Physical Education, Institute Baptist of Superior Education of Alagoas, Macei. SUMMARY This work had as objective to analyze the contribution of the game for the social values of the children of 1 to 5 year of Basic Ensino, having as main focus the inclusion, the insertion and the respect.

For the accomplishment of the study eight (08) Professors of Physical Education had been interviewed, Graduated Licenciatura and that they work in Municipal Public School, where the description and analysis of the interviews had been focadas in the atitudinal axle, defining itself in three topics: as it uses the game, the game as contributing for learning of the social values and which the used games more in lesson. The relations of the individual with the social game and values here they had been pointed as the main characteristics in the configuration of the environment of the playful activity. It was observed that the game restricted if to the games of rules (social) in a pertaining to school environment where the individual is represented in the social paper of pupil. Ahead of the gotten results the study it tells that the Professors make constant use of games, adaptando its rules with its necessities. In this perspective, the Professor has an important paper of mediator, fitting to it to point the difficulties of the pupils and to promote quarrels that favor the work collective, being able to take its pupils the socialization. Words keys: social game, values, professor, learning. INTRODUCTION Notices that when passing of the years the education is the main form to prepare the child for society.

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