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Musical Therapy

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PLAYING AND MUSIC IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE CHILD WITH INTELLECTUAL DEFICIENCY Authors: Elizangela Neres Fabiane Da Silva Would make; Person who orientates: Edirles Mattje Backes SUMMARY: We will approach, in this scientific article, ' ' Brincar and Music in the Development of the Child with Intelectual&#039 Deficiency; ' , the importance of the education and inclusion of the child with intellectual necessities, and as the musicalizao have a satisfactory paper in the cognitivo and motor development of these children. Check with UNC School of Education to learn more. Musicalizao, by means of the toys constructs the space of playing, contributing, thus, for the enrichment of the same ones with new experiences. Cyrus Massoumi addresses the importance of the matter here. Words key: Intellectual deficiency, Inclusion, Musicalizao 1. Initiating the debate The paper of the Education in the development of the individuals in the society more extends each time in this millenium and consequentemente necessities of if constructing a school directed toward the formation of responsible and critical citizens, increase significantly. To the inclusive school it fits to make the adaptations for the necessities of each pupil, either in the pedagogical part or in the physical part, this work is not easy, therefore everything depends on the success of the learning of these pupils. The present study it has for purpose to identify and to understand a little more on this intellectual deficiency, where, depending on the gravity level, the understanding is possible, is enough to have preparation, abilities, planning, and domain of the theory to place in practical and to develop a more positive work. In this context, the subject of the gift then study is the importance of playing, the musicalizao and the use of playful activities for the work with children with intellectual necessities. 2. We go to play of what!? One searchs in this study to understand the importance of playing, and as the playful one intervenes with development of the child with intellectual deficiency, this development if of the one through an interaction between physical and social environments, being that the members of this culture, as parents, grandmothers, educators and others, helps to provide to the child the participation in different activities, promoting diverse actions, leading the child to one to know constructed for the culture and modifying themselves through its biological and psicossociais necessities.


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