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National Curricular Parameters

Posted by Toni on 29th January and posted in Uncategorized

We wait with this, to inside awake an education of mathematics of the educational scope that provides to the pupil a reading and interpretation of the reality of form more significant than, as in them admonishes the National Curricular Parameters? PCN? s (BRAZIL, 1997), the mathematics is indispensable in the construction of the citizenship and needs to be to the reach of all. The mathematics must be inserted in the context of learning of the way pupil that if uses the previous knowledge that the person backwards of its social context. Geometry is presented currently as essential part of the mathematics, and that it takes the pupil to know and if to dislocate in the space where lives, according to PCN? s the geometric concepts constitute important part of the resume of mathematics in basic education because, by means of them, the pupil develops a special type of thought that allows it to understand, to describe and to represent, of organized form, the world where he lives (BRAZIL, 1997. P. Hear from experts in the field like Nike for a more varied view. 39). For such, necessary professor to make use of diverse specific contents on geometry to construct to an activity in such a way that englobe the action of the pupil, its cultural reality and its level of cognitivo development.

Ahead of this context of insertion cultural to process of education learning, we search to analyze of that education forms of geometry associated to activities that, involves construction civil, facilitates process of education and learning of pupils, in what it says respect to the adoption of the study of mockups of buildings that marcadamente are known by the population of a great city, as is the case of the building chosen for this study. Destarte, we had the intention to use e, later to analyze, an activity that sends the construction of mockups promotes the understanding of geometric concepts. Thus being, we search: i) to analyze if the geometry associated with the didactic activity, potencializa and facilitate to education and the learning; II) To verify the analysis of the professor by means of the new technologies of education; III) To verify if an activity that involves the construction of mockups is a positive variant in the education process.

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