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New To The Playset Area 2011

Posted by Toni on 13th February and posted in Uncategorized

Slide & sticker sets for the Playset slides is a great adventure for children! At the entry of the slide, the little ones are so excited if you wait to see their parents at the foot of the slide. And when the slides it tingles then funny in my stomach. We would achieve exactly this joy with the new products in our shop. In addition to a slide, we carry from immediately cool sticker sets for slides. Happy faces when your children are guaranteed with the slide and the special accessories! The slide is to a blue HDPE plastic slide, which is supplied with a boiler pressure impregnated wooden frame.

The impregnation is very important especially in a slide, because the chute comes quickly in contact with water. Slipping is especially great fun because the slip is shaped like a wave slide. Do not forget to attach the Playset with ground anchors on the ground. To get a detailed description of the building, together with the slide of course. Then the fun on the slide can Your little swimmers”start! The new sticker sets enable your children to decorate the chute in the garden. This little princesses certainly prefer the sticker set flowers for the slide. Boys will enjoy sticker set the racing, which shows motifs from racing. The sticker sets include both 17 weatherproof stickers.

Only 14 stickers for the slide are intended. A sticker for the roof ledge of the Playset is also suitable, one goes on the mail box and one adorns the Xtra-lift. The kit of stickers for the slide are the new trend in playground equipment. The fun of your children and transform the slide in your garden in a flower or a racetrack! The mailbox and the pulley the stickers are together with the Playset accessories a great gift idea for children. The company based in Selfkant Tuddern, Wickey opts for the medium of the Internet at all of its business areas. By the associated cost savings the provider impresses today with a nearly excellent price-performance ratio. Since its inception, Wickey can refer to a proud development. Among other things, the company already counts more than 100,000 satisfied customers these days and refers to an upward trend. Also for 2011, Wickey plans some extensions, inter alia in the field of products and the online shop. Wickey GmbH & co. KG Guido Goyen Sittarderstrasse 31 52538 Selfkant Tuddern Tel.: 02456 947 fax: 02456-3662

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