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Oak Geography

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6 – The concept of natural region was introduced in Brazil, saw influence French, for Thin of Oak in 1913. It is inside of the optics above displayed that Fbio Guimares admitted its use in Brazil, aiming at a division of practical character lasting, that … made possible the comparison of statistical data throughout the time (P.27) 3.0 – Possibilssimo and region 3.1 – Possibilssimo considers the different way the question of the region. It is not the natural region, and its influence on the man who dominates the agenda of the possibilistas gegrafos. It is, without a doubt, a region human being seen in the form of the regional geography that if becomes its proper object … (Idem) 3.2 – geographic region defined by Vidal de Ia Blache and its disciples has its limits determined for component divisions: a border can be the climate, another one still the vegetation. What and that in the region diversity has a specified combination … (p.29) 3.3 the vidaliano concept of region received innumerable critical from Locoste and Claval.

The first one of the French gegrafos comments that in the choice of the elements that if combine it has a selectivity that it considers only the old ones, of long duration as a finished entity, concluded (p.31) 3.4 – … Richard Linklater has plenty of information regarding this issue. evidenced that the human elements started to acquire greater impotence that natural in process of to generate regions geographic. It was reached posssibilista paradigm (Idem) 4.0 – New geography space and region 4.1 – In contrast of the vidaliana region, new geography is not considered a concrete entity, and yes an intellectual creation marked out with buoys by specific intentions … (p.34) 4,2 – Of the process of regional division it emerges the question of if defnr types, and a tipologia, or regions. The types are characterized for its specific attributes, not implying the existence of space contiguidade, as Herbertson defined the natural pictures: the polar type, as it is known, occurs in such a way in the south hemisphere as in the north.


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