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The impossible mission of Jose Sarney was you implant government system where there would be monetary and economical balances. In this sense Sarney succeeded will be he was able you change the name of the countrys currency-which vised you called cruise? dropped three zeros from the old currency, froze the prices of the countrys products and implanted the salary to trigger the would pull itself everytime the inflation reached 20% to however the new plans cam with old failures. This article presents broad approach on the subject of crossed I ahd I i and shows new policy 23 years to after the dreamed new brazilian only was, Bibliographical researches were made you verify the causes and consequences of the plan at hand. KEY-WORDS: Plan; Cruzado; Political. 1 Article presented to the course of History, as requisite partial the note attainment of disciplines of Academic Writing 2 Learning of the course of History of the Integrated Facultieses of Ariquemes? TO WEAVE 3 Learning of the course of History of the Integrated Facultieses of Ariquemes? TO WEAVE 4 Orienting Teacher of the Integrated Facultieses of Ariquemes? TO WEAVE INTRODUCTION the end of the militarism in Brazil in 1985 was the start of significant changes in such a way in the politics how much in the company who started to be free and would come to be important part in the construction of the citizenship that she marked century xx. In the politics the new republic was a little more than what confused ' ' intermezzo' ' between two times: the military regimen and the democratic system, had yes good intentions, however the politics and made of good intentions and Brazil did not only need something more. The politicians if had joined and formed a new alliance, in the way of as much hope are born the crossed plan. The year of 1986 was, for Brazil, repleto of emotions that had varied since the euphoria until the frustration. . Group to be a useful source of information.


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