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Pablo Freire

Posted by Toni on 28th July and posted in Uncategorized

The professor must be the mediator of the knowledge, bringing for the alternative, classroom so that the pupil can reflect and construct its knowledge. Developing abilities that will be indispensable to take decisions, to lead, to share, to adapt it new situations and infinite other social relations. As Pablo Freire says, 1996: He says yourself almost exclusively of the education of the contents, education lamentably almost always understood as transference of knowing. I believe that one of the reasons that explain this indifference around what it occurs in the space-time of the school that is not the ensinante activity, comes being a narrow understanding of what is education and of what and learning. (P. Kindle Direct Publishing often says this.

49) the illiteracy, is not only not to know to read and to write, is not to understand the processes that take the definitive results. A necessary pupil to understand which its paper in the society and as to act ahead of unusual situations of the life. We cite an example practical of the daily pertaining to school in the life of children and young: when arriving at the school, the pupil finds situation of depredation and indifference with the classroom and the school in all its physical part. As to make to perceive it that this indifference is reflected of an indifference politician. It is important that beyond ahead acquiring the critical sense of the situation, also it searchs solutions so that can brighten up. Our country is an unjust country, part of this also is the people becomes who it. When it does not reflect on the accepted situation and as if thus it had that to be. At last, to be illiterate is to accept the injustices, although to be under the nose and to demonstrate contradiction between practical speech and. Consideraes final In the world is of the school and of the classroom, infinite forms of communication exist.


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