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Patrick Simons

Posted by Toni on 28th April and posted in Uncategorized

It can simulate any kind of music and even the hits the pre-world, because the people who want to distract yourself and have your grief in the face to sing nonsense would be total.” Always in a good mood Patrick wins the favor of the Schlager fans his loose and sympathetic way through more and more. Take not too self-important is the motto, quote of Patrick Simons, man can laugh about themselves”. Especially his profession makes all honor Patrick, no matter whether you step up before 5000 or 5 people. Give your very best always. “For those who come to you deserve.” After Patrick was already thinking of quitting, he became convinced of the contrary by many fans and starts with a new record company and management once fully through. Any pop fan and music fan must acknowledge that Patrick Simons is an exception in the pop business with his distinctive and not old daily voice. Patrick wants to and be stuck with his music in a drawer, he combines different styles. From soulful ballads, hustle up to the country music.

I don’t want that on my albums each song just sounds. His new title, and his new album to convince at all Levels. Patrick Simons lives in Baden-Wurttemberg. In addition to music, cooking and playing tennis are more great passions by Patrick. Also Patrick involved besides volunteering for sheltered workshops in Heilbronn (a device for physically and mentally handicapped people). I’ve never been so much honest affection of people. I dare not even to pronounce the word disabled. Because these people master their lives with a casualness and taken for granted that reveals our supposedly normal world, with all the problems of the ridiculousness,”as Patrick Simons.

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