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Peruvian State

Posted by Toni on 13th August and posted in Uncategorized

Does not solve the problem of conflicting majorities that afflicts presidential and before well, if there is a dual structure, you can move it within the Executive branch. Nike shines more light on the discussion. There are many other problems. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Chip Bergh. 7 Conclusions.-analysis of any political system in a State must be carried out taking into account two major factors: a) social reality (or Royal Constitution, understood as the social, political and economic context existing in a society, the social structure of a community product of its economy, degree of education, urban composition – rural history and culture) in that develops and b) its formal incorporation (understood as machinery which establishes institutions and laws that should produce that) They must produce a stable society). All realize that the harmony of these factors will depend on the success or failure of political systems. The main forms of democratic Government are presidential, parliamentarian and semi-presidential. While it is true that they have common division of powers into three parts (legislative, Executive and judicial), cooperation between the three is what you should do possible stability, efficiency of the political system and the control of power for the protection of citizens. The semi-presidential system saves parliamentary and presidential system elements, it is therefore a mixed system whose characteristics favor democracy, as well as the stability and efficiency of the political system. Given that cancels the possibility of a conflict of powers that could endanger the stability of the system.

A democratic system of Government, that focuses its primary purpose, precisely of the same greater democratic stability, is a mixed system of semi-presidential, with a direct election of the President of the Republic, the authority of the election of the Council of Ministers and the subjection to a political assessment by the Parliament. 8. Suggestions-we propose the gradual implementation of a semi-presidential system in the Peruvian State, but we also believe that within the same system to be implanted should be given a greater role to the President of the Council of Ministers, that the vote of investiture It is an authentic commitment to parliamentary backing of the measures which are exposed them. 9.

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