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MIRENTXU MARINO marches players pooled their local experiences. More info: Richard Linklater. Met this morning in the Parque del Retiro. 15 M still calling for a social change to occur. Approximately fifty early risers were waiting at 11 o’clock in the morning in the vicinity of the Palacio de cristal in Madrid the Retiro Park. TAS excited welcome from the previous day, hikers from the Popular March outraged played them this Sunday to share their experiences local, such as camping and as a global movement, before returning to action: at 18.30 h is planned a large demonstration between Atocha and Sun. They have spent the night in the Central Paseo del Prado without incident, while del Ayuntamiento de Madrid has cut off water, as they complained of police has around the camp all night even with sirens and that past 6 o’clock four individuals were lowered from a car and insultaran who slept there without going to the senior citizens, as explained one of the campers to. Little by little they have been coming small loose groups of the marches to the Park, where he immediately started the organization in seven specific areas: State coordination, coordination of cities, international coordination, communication, analysis, political and economic scenario and hacktivists. In each of the groups, which has grown exponentially as he spent the morning, have been highlighted the successes and shortcomings that the 15-M has had and has represented cities.

There were people from small towns such as Sagunto and capitals like Valencia, Madrid or Barcelona. Everyone brought papers in hand or taking note of what was made there while others spoke while scrupulously respecting the speaking time. From Alcoy, for example, he remembered in the media group that has been the only city that lifted her camping after compromise with the City Council; a girl of Athens, in the international coordination, spoke of his experience in the March while a Spanish mentioned to some Russian friends that have come to Madrid hitchhiking from Kaliningrad.

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