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Playful Elf

Posted by Toni on 4th November and posted in Uncategorized

Of them are presented here a few good samples in the belief that they are not arbitrary in our society inventions, because its origins linked to the same germs of our thinking and our language. Elf is one of the most popular and widespread in America myths. According to belief, there are two types of duende: one playful and other malevolent. By regular it, the Goblin is short and stubby, with youthful appearance and uses bright or vivid color clothing to draw attention. Often protects his face with a wing large straw hat.

This type of Goblin lives in the thickness of the forests, on the trees. You may want to visit Gerald Weissmann, MD to increase your knowledge. When you want to disturb it appeals to idleness, hiding the thimble from the housewives, thread and needle; and day laborer, hiding the hoe, machete, the barreton, or shovel. In the kitchen it hides the grinder, hand grind, boots with water cookers, room soup. Guestrooms at shoes, hides the stockings, clothes or turn out the lights; It destiende the bed sheets and throw pillows on the floor. Playful Elf is said to laughs out loud in ceilings and plays flute lying against the trunks of the trees. The malevolent Goblin likes to make unusual noises that cause terror or horror; It is possession of the alien houses and haunts them: throw stones, real rains of stone against your ceilings and walls. You dirty meals with manure, It breaks the dishes, boot or bending spoons, pursues to adolescent girls, pinched them, plays them buttocks, grab their breasts and tightens them up to make them cry; it bites them, pushes them and makes them fall. Children suck their blood while they sleep, pastes them and them made water in the face. This type of Goblin is dangerous when he is in love and it is not reciprocated, or is unrivaled. If this occurs, raja clothes to her suitor, it measured night, scare the chuza with pins, makes it fall out of bed and hits it.

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