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Posted by Toni on 15th November and posted in Uncategorized

Urgent and necessary task today is to create schools that can provide a healthy environment for the unique processes that take place with the child. The school has always been an important experience. Child spends in school a long period of time, and here he gets not only knowledge but also skills in their first independent living, the first lessons in socialization. Unfortunately, in today's school curriculum there is little special sessions on building social skills, or their separate elements. Directed learning methods for successful socialization would avoid many problems. Such training is especially important Today, when there is a shortage of family interaction when children's behavior is often influenced by television when no one can say with certainty that the child is waiting after graduation. In the best position to the young man who knows how to communicate with different categories of people able to work as a team, motivate and motivate others. This means that the ability to communicate on the basis of good relations with each other, becomes more important.

You can teach it to the special reflective minute, as in the classroom and outside of lessons. A start should be with that child should be taught to ask themselves questions: "Why did this happen? What is behind this or otherwise my action? "You can use the ancient and wise tradition to communicate in the" range of conversations "to talk with each other and share experiences, feel many common challenges and uniqueness of each person. According to psychologists, this range is a guarantee of security because it has no beginning and no end to it all are equal, each of which are in the range of hearing and seeing everyone else. Such reflexive community to help children realize their values and establish priorities, and help them become more tolerant, flexible and attentive, to feel less fear, stress and feel less lonely.


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