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Problem Voters

Posted by Toni on 21st April and posted in Uncategorized

The problem would be then in the representatives, however they had chosen who them was the population, thus this starts to be victim of its proper choices. ' ' The politicosocial conscience of the citizens, derived from its formation, its level of instruction and access the information qualified, it is basic to determine the possibility of its level of participation accomplishes, understood as its capacity to recognize, to express and to defend its interests in the quarrels polticas' ' *. With this to seem, we come back to the concepts of classrooms that had been boarded, the people who do not have access to the education mainly and information easily is manipulated in its vote and they do not have an easy access or condition so that if it subjects the voting. This still more confirms the social inaquality and the distinction of the papers for classrooms in the society. Conscience, definitively is what it lacks to the population when choosing its representatives. It happens that the majority of the people if leaves to among others take for false promises, for favors, friendships, influences, things, being left to analyze the behaviors and proposals of the candidates, had to this they erram in the choice and they choose candidates who do not contribute for the social one.

On the other hand, being minority, people exist who establish methods to decide in who to vote. Ahead of this situation, the motivations of the voters in the hour of the vote will be analyzed. The voters in the deep one always have some pacific motivation to vote in some hospital, structural or nourishing candidate, reasons these that always aim at an improvement in some public sector are educational it. It is perceivable that the vote intentions in accordance with change the etria band of the voters or for its occupation in the society.

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